A shawl for summer evenings

This shawl I made to match a wedding dress, which could also be an evening dress. For this I used a silver-gray thread that gives some charme.Volendo the shawl can be made with colored cotton (violet, fuchsia, orange)and matched tone on tone on a summer shift dress or shirt and pants.

In practice has been realized a rectangle worked with a particular point that is called “point function” and then were sewn together with two corners. Below is the pattern that I designed to explain how I worked. The point is not difficult, But as you can see from photos, it takes great patience to make the entire shawl requires quite a bit’ processing. Besides the beauty of this type will be the satisfaction of seeing an object in his hands grow slowly. For me, relaxes very long to do work that repeat themselves with equal points…….ends up being a kind of mantra….

More photos of the details.

And here is the pattern to be followed to achieve:

Good job!…. and if you made something with this please let me have a photo of your work to be published.

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4 Responses to A shawl for summer evenings

  1. monica says:

    hello is beautiful, excuse can I ask what you used cotton yarn and size? with six talented

    • Ire says:

      The amount of cotton varies greatly from the hand that you. I work pretty close to where the same pattern of implementation, uilizzo less wire than those working off. Sincerely, but, I have not weighed the cotton used, also was not in balls, but it was a skein that my grandmother had a bit part’ time. The final size of the rectangle are 110 cm per 62 cm. Hope that was helpful.

  2. Jenn says:

    I found that your pattern diagram was too small to be read, and I cannot completely understand what is happening in the picture as it is too small. Is there a larger or written version?

    • Ire says:

      Try to click on the picture. You can see another little picture (at top of the page), so click another time on the little picture and you can see a larger image.

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