Ancient crafts: carding of the wool

It all started when I met Joan. Joan is special, and even its history is of particular: She has been hosted at the home of my friend Silvia few years ago, when he needed treatment and subsequently remained part of the petting zoo of farm. Jeanne has a sheep, a sheep that lives in the fence around the house and has become almost a household pet.

The My craving for crochet and ancient crafts Joan immediately made me nice and interesting. Silvia, then, had the (s)chance to indulge my interest and we find, in a beautiful May morning, to use his day off from work to sit in the sun, with children around, carding the wool of Joan.

A friend of Silvia Sardinia had already done shear the sheep and wool was,then, wash well a couple of times and collected in a handsome basket, ready for us. Silvia has pulled out his carder who had recently recovered from a shop in anitichità and who had restored, hoping, sooner or later, to use.

It’ inziata, so, carding………

A po’ of wool at a time is placed between the large needles and, swinging the swinging, is stretched very well. The operation requires a fairly strong, that allows the staple to be pulled tight and well cleaned by impurities (yet despite the double flushing).


The operation of carding requires time and patience and, like many of the ancient crafts of the countryside, is very meditative. You put yourself there, get some’ woolen, the tiri, oscillates the rocker, repeat and repeat the same movements ……

At the end of a staple dense and compact leaves in the hands, to wipe, a sensation of greasiness (is lanolin, substance naturally contained in the fleece of the sheep), you get a staple clean, light and soft.


The carding involves more than one pass of the wool, because every time he passes it, adjusting the carder with the needles upper and lower closer,the staple becomes softer. Obviously, one such activity could not fail to fascinate children and they also wanted to try carding, dedicating a good half hour to tilt needles and admiring the mountain of flakes that gradually grew. The maximum, then, was put in the hands soft and white wool obtained.

The charm of carding, however, was not only felt by children: by me was great to see old Silvia perform gestures that are not seen, immerse myself in the old world that could touch the origin of his goods. From Sheep to Sweater, with all that this entailed long passages.

The future memory, hope that children and adults are able to see it and understand how it worked carding, I decided to put the video, which achieves, by me, the stories of my grandmother.

YouTube Preview Image

And want to keep doing this spell……..carded the wool just now going to take my own grandmother, that a few months ago I said “You know that, after many years, I want to try to spin…..”. Another of the ancient crafts of the countryside than once: spinning. Will, for sure, subject of an upcoming post.

The cycle of wool, Giovanna crocheted continues.

On the sidelines: Thank you so much Silvia for giving me a beautiful magic of the past!!

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12 Responses to Ancient crafts: carding of the wool

  1. Cosmosicula says:

    Wow che bello, thank you so much for sharing one of the ancient works that most fascinates me! <3
    I'll see you next time :-) … non vedo l'ora di vedere il continuo della storia, and the filaura… Your final creation!
    Good job!

  2. Tiz says:

    eh eh… So now I see the supplier of wool quilting gift for the Samuel! How beautiful!
    The first time I ordered the carded wool I got a box of wool which was only “sfioccato” (it says so?… bho)… so I looked at a lot’ network video about carding… In the end I took two brushes for dogs and I started to card… It took forever to make a few grams, but it is great to see the wool that becomes! Thank you for sharing this video!!

    • Ire says:

      Actually can work with brushes for dogs. The carder of my friend, but, has its own charm…..takes the form of old things, with simple mechanisms and functional than once. And the tilting movement, I think it is very relaxing for the mind. Remember the cradle…..

  3. Tiziana says:

    Does not seem real !!!! I must ask you a big favor. My older sister lives in the country in brands and recently has also sheep, want to learn how to make cheese.
    Would love to use the wool fleeces but unfortunately can not find the carder that you see in the movie, just what I was looking for. could you tell me if it is available in some way? It would be wonderful for me to be able to recover for her.
    Thank you and I look, vi prego, some indication
    Hello Tiziana

    • Ire says:

      Tiziana, other people have asked me, but unfortunately my friend Silvia had it by chance from a friend who did not use it and he was throwing away. I ask if you have any idea where we can find, but I believe that the search will be a little’ difficile.Tu where you are? Other people have come to us in Tuscany to use it and you too, if you do not live too far away, might as well take a ride a little here and card’ Your wool, maybe in a festive day. Write me in private ( ) and I tell you where we are.

  4. nicoletta says:

    Hello, I have seen and reviewed your video, about a month ago my sister gave me a sheep…but we are going crazy in trying a carder as you have!..any suggestions where to find it?thanks and good work!

    • Ire says:

      Hello Nicoletta, I'm sorry but I can not tell you where you can find. My friend Silvia got what you see in this video from a friend that he wanted to free. It’ was a real stroke of luck. They told me that maybe some Sardinian immigrant family in Tuscany may have one, I do not know exactly who can esssere. I'm sorry not to be able to be useful. Have you tried to search the web, magari su e.bay (maybe it's a rhetorical question)?

  5. irene says:

    Incredible have the same name and the same interests!
    Years ago, on my birthday I got the same gift cards Video!

    • Ire says:

      How beautiful. Now I'm looking for a spinning pedal. Who knows where I can find. Thou carder where you bought it? Maybe also what I try.

  6. irene says:

    A’ information:
    how to wash the wool your friend? Io l’ I did wash and cost me a fortune!

    • Ire says:

      The wash by hand with water alone because if you use the soap remove lanolin. Vanni made many rinse cycles, but keep in mind that his sheep is a pet that lives in his garden then the wool is quite clean and did not smell the sheepfold.

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