Treasure Hunt: at the end of a bit’ I have to reveal!

This post was created as an initiative of Mammafelice, I follow your blog for a long time, and that indeed was one of those who inspired me (and that gave me the courage) to create my own blog.

The initiative is called Treasure Hunt: introduce me a blog and questions all I really enjoyed:


” But the other? How many blog we're missing? As we closed, we mothers, in the 'circle of mothers'?
I, how many interesting people I'm missing?

So, here is that the Treasure Hunt this year is based on this desire: meet new people, enlarge its borders, invite people to dinner, and reshuffle the cards.

Each of us has certainly among its bookmark a link to a blog of the heart, a blog that wants to present to others. A blog to raise awareness. A blog to present.” 

So at this point I decided to participate and introduce:

Identity card: My name is Irene, mother of three children still small and quite lively.

Blog Name and objectives: My blog is CrochetCircus and deals with crochet and traditional crafts.

A good reason to follow: For moms I write about crochet (I especially like to provide free designs to do at home) and ancient crafts because they do not lose the desire to create something with their hands. I found the taste to see materialize my creations to the birth of my third daughter, that gave me the energy to go back to doing the hook after so many years that I had abandoned. And after that I saw with my day job cards only crowded and cold files of your computer. For children I write about crochet (small school with the basic points and diagrams very easy) because they learn to use their hands and their patience / concentration and ancient crafts come because their memory works that are more. I recently put a video on hand carding wool, I described how it was done and how you can make bread at home etc.., hoping that they can appreciate this through observation and memory of the past and recover the important one manual that you are a little’ losing. For mothers and children together I write crafts proposing to do one next to the other in order to share the time and emotions.

Two posts that are worth reading:

I do with my hands (not)

Ancient crafts: the sense of making bread at home today

How to follow : I have my own page on Facebook CrochetCircusFind me on Twitter here 

Address RSS feed:

In the next post.

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