Lana, wood and mandala: as you learn the multiplication tables

I've always said that with the wool, you can do so many things. This is the last job we did with my daughter who is in second grade and is, therefore, struggling with learning multiplication tables.

Because she likes to use a lot of wool, the Crochet and uses it to weave it with the fingers , I searched on the net if you could join his sympathy with the yarns commitment to learn the numeric operations. Of course this always gives me inspiration the lesson of Maria Montessori who tries to bring abstract learning to tangible matter, that children can internalize through the use of their senses. Thank goodness the mesh material is not lacking and I found the site Lapappadolce this beautiful cue to achieve a mandala (another of my passions :-) )and use the wool of a sort of frame, to learn the multiplication tables.

In practice there is provided a disc of plywood, it is divided into 10 shares and 10 points identified on the edge, fit 10 wooden sticks, pasting. The child counts and simultaneously winding the thread around the stick which is the solution that is performing the operation. An example Table of 2:the child thinks (2×0) and winding the thread of wool on 0, think (2×1) and winds up 2, and so on 4, sul 6, sull’8, sullo 0 (10), then still on the 2 (12), sul 4 (14onsul 6 (16on the 88 (18) and again on 0 (20). In this way we obtain figures woven with wool that will remain in visual memory Puppy.

See that pretty regular pentagon appears with a table of 2 ? With that of 3 is a beautiful star and so on.

With the little we have also graced our circle of plywood designs with repeated, Typical of the mandala and we colored so that it is also more pleasant, for her, pick up this custom object and play with the multiplication tables.

And tonight you start to study the table of 4. Who knows what beautiful geometric shape will give us, this time, our beautiful wool?

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