Pasta Madre Day – During baking

This year we made it to organize Pasta Madre Day here in our country. Every year I envied all the cities and towns that hosted an event of this type and 2 February will also here. Thanks to Slow Food Association Mondonuovo. Under the contents of the leaflet which will be distributed.

When?   2 February 2013   

The Pasta Madre food communities promotes this date throughout Italy a series of events where the dough is the star!                                                                                                                              

Where ?Villa Giardino- Volterra

Who's organizing?Slow Food of Volterra with New World

What is it?  Sourdough is a dough of flour and water which has already started a fermentation by yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. Addition, then, to a mixture in place of the most widespread yeast, is able to do so to obtain leavened breads, pizzas and cakes leavened classic Italian.
It differs from the yeast to the variety of its flora, always different from a sourdough sourdough, able to make the bread taste more aromatic, complex and tasty and a much higher digestibility. The breads made with sourdough, also, will keep longer. The dough never dies: is kept alive by continuous refreshments, that mixes where you add more flour and water, and can therefore be used and reproduced (to be donated) no problems.


Hours 15,00 - Appointment in Garden Villa with Nesi Irene that will reveal all the secrets of his sourdough

Hours 16,00 - Demonstration: As you weigh the ingredients, how do you prepare the dough for homemade bread. Participants will try to knead their own bread which then will bring

Hours 17,00 - 2 ° and forming of bread, explaining rising times

Hours 18,00 - Baking bread

During cooking Irene continue its explanations and answers to all the questions and curiosity.

Hours 19,00 – Each participant will be given a piece of dough to be able to manage yourself and you will learn how cool it and keep it

Each participant must bring a large salad bowl to make the dough 1kg and a cloth clean (possibly non scented with fabric softener).

How to book and ask for info? Call one of the following numbers: 339-3961122– 333 5731774 – 347 0593240– 366 3035026 or write to cestodivimini @ alice (a reservation is required to better organize the afternoon) by 27 January.


For those who are interested to sell his sourdough and to organize an event for the Pasta Madre Day in their city can find all the information and instructions in this link. Good bread !

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