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The crochet

This is a site that was born from a passion:  crochet. I have a passion since I was a little girl and the older girls in my country we would learn from sitting in the square to older women. Today rediscover why I need to do something with my hands, to do things for my kids to put on him or they can play. My work as an architect leads me to handle only paper and too much bureaucracy, it allows me to see the hook, specifically, I can also achieve real and touchable objects. In a virtual world where little value to the manual skills, I would encourage any or all of those who are interested in the uncintetto to take the wire and "doing". I'll try to put on this site as useful as possible with those who want to reproduce the objects that I propose: patterns, tutorial, fotografie etc.. In fact, another engine of this blog / site sharing. I really want to take advantage of the network that gives placed at suitable to share knowledge and gestures from one end of the world.

The ancient crafts

Connected to my need to discover and develop manual skills I try to realize here that I feel a need for a long time;the network is probably the best way to take it forward.

I have the great fortune to have a grandmother who loves to tell of when he was young (She was born in 1926) and I decided that I must put pen to paper what she told me and tells me. In particular I want to collect his testimony about how it was handled domestic life without electricity, without running water, no TV, etc.. Spinning wool, make cheese, do laundry, gather herbs and seeds, make bread, and more. All activities that you are losing memory and play a special fascination for me as it makes a man independent and able to do on their own, aware of their physical attributes and psychological . I wish riscoprissimo feelings of fatigue, work, conquest of a slow and challenging goal. And we knew that teach our children.

Beautiful thoughts on these issues I found them in book of Etain Addey that I was truly inspired. Who knows what the post to the ancient crafts you can not make it back alive. We'll see what comes out….

Because the Circus and Snail?

The Circus is a collection of modern and past, of fun and hard work, art and physical abilities as well. It reminds us to be our children and our ability to amaze us, but also the adult world with the commitment and the search for goals to be achieved by applying consistency and effort.

The nut is simply a reminder of the slow, also to enjoy the path before reaching the finish line.


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