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The general philosophy of the site:

  “A quiet joy. The diaries of Pratale, stories of a different life” Etain Addey 

A book filled with simple words and simple gestures to be rediscovered (make bread, washing clothes by hand) I read and reread and brave because he knows that I express the concepts, but especially with the description of a practice consistent with them, a different way to live. I recommend it to those who can not find answers in a society that is not asked because we are always unhappy.

  “A fortune teller told me” Tiziano Terzani

“Every place is a mine. Just go lasciarcisi. Holding time, sitting in a tea house to watch the world go by, put in a corner of the market, go get your hair and then follow the thread of a skein that can begin with a word, with a meeting, the friend of a friend of a person who has just met the most bland and the place, most insignificant of the earth becomes a mirror of the world, A window on life, a theater of humanity, before which we could stop without the need to go elsewhere. The mine is exactly where you are: just dig” T.T.

The beauty and science” Enzo Tiezzi

Ideas ranging from cinema to poetry to visual arts, to search for the aesthetic qualities in nature, in its form and its mathematical assumptions and demonstrate that science does not count and numbers only quantity and not quality and beauty.

  “Walden, or Life in the woods” Henry D. Thoreau

A classic to be read several times to all the ideas that can provide. It’ a surprising modernity.

On the use of baking and sourdough:

Baking bread” Annalisa De Luca

If long dreamed of making bread at home, or if you tried but you are not satisfied, this is the book for you. Annalisa De Luca guides you, Thanks to its experience, in the preparation of sourdough bread, that is, using sourdough leavening acid or so-called. The volume is enriched with beautiful color photos that illustrate the different steps of bread making and help you make the bread that you have always wanted. In addition to traditional wheat-based recipes, The author teaches how to make bread with other cereals (rye, buckwheat, orzo, but, rice), specialty breads, gluten-free bread and buns. The volume recipes for sweet breads, by the inevitable walnut cake with croissants and brioche at the stollen.


“Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes” Daina Taimina

A fantastic book that will explore the use of non-Euclidean geometry Spread across the zigzag. There are several models to be played to produce works with hyperbolic crochet. It is only in English.

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