Crochet: ABC and the various techniques

I tried to summarize in simple pictures and diagrams, all the various basis points crochet: Low-shirt, low, high, half-high, high double, alta triple, etc.. and some of basic techniques on working.

A useful link to find a kind of small school for crocheting .

To learn the ABC zigzag, also, There are several videos available.

These are for the most simple and even though English is not available on a site have, de facto, a language that explains, but the images speak for themselves.

That, instead, There are explanations of some technical or crocheted’ more advanced (how to make the spiral and finish with various points more complex than those based)

That you can find how to perform various geometric shapes or crocheted (trio, square, diamonds, Pentagon) for various uses.

These videos show the various ways to refine and package the creations all'uncintetto.

To learn how to change thread color see that.


To learn the’Amigurumi

The technique can give great satisfaction dell'Amigurumi crochet, because it is not difficult to perform and gives results very surprising and very welcome children. Some Tutorials to quickly learn the technique dell'Amigurumi: are in English, but the images of the videos are very explanatory for those unfamiliar with the language. Abbreviations are explained well to read the various types of schemes you can find around. To do the hairstyles of Amigurumi, three very nice tutorials : is a this, the other is that and finally this.


Very important to make crochet patterns written by others is to know the terms of short .

For the translation of individual points and abbreviations in English see this link . For the conversion of the measures of the various types of yarn and crochet (from American to European etc..) see this useful link.

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